You do not question what you truly know. Questioning is the first step in undoing illusions. The right answer corrects them, but you do not know this until you stop asking questions.

You are the space in which everything exists. You are the reality that creates the illusion. You are the tree in the garden, and the leaf on the ground. We all are, That.

We all have our stories that in our mind, and others, gives us an identity. Those stories are from the past and do not represent who we are now; let go of them. Be aware, that, you Are.

Be Now.

We don’t need to strive to become more (in the future), or maintain what we were (in the past); we already are what we need to be. The famous Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh wrote in his book Touching Peace, “A flower does not have to do anything to be of service, it only has to be a flower.” We—the human species—must realize that we don’t own our lives; in fact, we don’t have lives. Each one of us is life—the one life. This is a realization that can take place only if we are conscious enough to be aware of our own consciousness. We don’t need to learn anything new to save our planet—we just need to remember who we are. We live now, not yesterday or tomorrow, and we must make this the primary focal point in life. Be Now.

Summer Mornings – a reflection

I love early summer mornings. Nothing is more refreshing than waking up to the sound of singing birds, the whisper of tall aspen trees swaying softly in the wind, and the scent of blooming lilacs and freshly cut grass. As I open my eyes, I see the curtains dance gracefully by the window screen. The red fabric seems to speak to me, encouraging me to get up. This is presence, I realize, fully aware of every sound, smell, and object that surround me. Once I am up and dressed, I step outside. The grass, wet with dew, brushes gently against my bare toes. There is a fragrance of damp wood and choke cherry in the air. A red fox, startled by my sudden appearance, leaps quickly towards the willows. Now, in the first rays of the morning sun, I sit at peace in my garden chair, intoxicated by the beauty of life. Nothing brings me more joy than a summer morning.

All I Need

I took a walk this morning. The road was partly covered with snow and ice, and some patches were bare asphalt. I observed closely, without judging or labeling my experience, and the different sensations of stepping on snow versus ice versus asphalt were quite striking. There was a difference in sound, and it felt different under my feet, despite the thick soles of winter shoes. I looked at the trees along the road and knew how they would feel to the touch. The bark texture on an aspen compared to that of a spruce is so different—the way they smell too. I had a strong realization: this is all I need—unexplainable through words but very real. I was utterly present, and nothing was clouding my consciousness. I felt connected with everything around me. Moments like these bring a great sensation of peace, freedom and joy—it’s all we need to release awareness to the world.

Wake up

We are born into this world with an open mind, a blank page neutral to life, free from thought, problems and worries. We are not attached to material items, and conscious only of the reality that we know to be true: here and now. As adults we come to inhabit an illusory world, full of suffering, problems, desires and anticipation. We can’t get enough of attention, wealth, power and drama. We watch soap operas where people cheat and bully each other, and crime documentaries about serial killers. Why? What part of us wants to watch and enjoys seeing other people’s misery? Is it the same person who was once an infant feeding on a mother’s breast, or is it some other part of us, something that has developed within us over the years? Why are we driving our planet towards an inevitable disaster? To find out, we must wake up, rediscover ourselves, and return to the real truth.